Annual Maintenance Contract

MIPL Annual Maintenance Services and Retrofits

AMC is proved vital as it helps to maintain the machineries or systems in a proper functioning way. Over the years, MIPL has gained capability by building a skilled and experienced team for carrying out annual maintenance contracts in the field of:

  1. Upgrades/Retrofit/Repair of excitation systems for Synchronous generators up to 250MW.
  2. Retrofit and repair of MV breakers till 33kV
  3. Retrofit and repair of LV breakers
  4. Field study and recommendation to customers on the above subjects

On engagement, MIPL will study the existing conditions, suggest suitable modifications/repairs and carry out the same on the customer request.

We maintain stock /source critical spares to meet the customer emergency requirements

As an example MIPL has successfully carried out upgrades and retrofitting at the following customer site.


An emergency call was made to our team for servicing a field breaker at Vietnam. The generator had stopped working due to a Field Circuit Breaker (FCB) and the local team there could not rectify the problem. Power generation had stopped and the customer was losing revenues.After several discussions with the generator OEM and the FCB manufacturer, it was suggested by the FCB manufacturer that MIPL in India could solve the problem. MIPL deputed their well experienced technician for solving the issue and the problem was rectified within 24hrs of the person reaching site.

After repairing the FCB, the FCB was dismantled, serviced and the following checks were carried out:

  1. Easy movement of the shaft
  2. The left and right bushings were cleaned and correct tightness was ensured.
  3. Mechanical latching system checked for proper closing and holding
  4. Main contacts surface level checked for free pitting
  5. The uneven surfaces were made even to have a proper contact
  6. Auxiliary contacts mounting and actuation checked for proper NO and NC position.
  7. Discharge contact function checked i.e., make before break was ensured.
  8. Closing of the breaker checked from local and remote
  9. Tripping of the breaker checked from local and remote
  10. Successfully handed over the field breaker to the customer.

For information on the above activities, please contact:
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