Compact Secondary Substations

All components are housed in an enclosure, which protects the equipment against environmental hazards and unauthorized access. The enclosure is typically divided into three sections or compartments – medium votlage switchgear,low voltage switch board and distribution transformer.

The substation can be operated from inside (walk-in type) and from the outside (non walk-in type). The electrical equipment is cooled by natural ventilation through openings in the substation.

Key Features

  • Wide Modular product range
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Several options and extensive flexibility
  • Appealing Aesthetics
  • Reduced overall plant and operating cost


Secondary Substation Application
Distribution Public Distribution
Operation At Medium Voltage level
Supply To Satellite stations and major electricity consumers
Feeding Connection of decentralized power plant to the public network
Satellite Substation for the end of radial connections
Pylon Feeder Station Smaller stations connected to overhead lines

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