Distribution Panel

Rack mount Fibre Management Systems (RMFMS) shall be used for terminating the backbone (or) incoming cable by means of splicing the fibre. Incoming cable shall be terminated with pigtail having length of 1 meter (approx) which is looped inside the splice tray. The pigtail is then terminated with adaptors and connected with respective patch cable to the respective load. Rack Mount FMS normally classified as 1U, 2U.

Rack Mount FMS shall be consist of two types:

1. Fixed Installation – In this model, splice tray cannot be moved front and back for operation and maintenance. This model is not recommended for the frequent operation and maintenance.

2. Telescopic View – In this model, splice tray can be moved front and back, for the operation and maintenance purpose. Technician need not remove the entire FMS for repairing purpose.