Energy Management Systems – Basic Meter

Product Features

  • EMS-11: Measurement of current parameters (L-N) *CT primary and secondary programmable.
  • EMS-12: Measurement of voltage parameters *PT primary and secondary programmable.
  • EMS-13: Measurement of frequency parameter.
  • EMS-14: Measurement of Power Factor parameter.
  • EMS-02: Measurement of basic parameters.(Current (L-N), Voltage (L-N),(L-L), frequency (average) and Power factor (Total) * CT ratio programmable, RS485 Mod-bus RTU protocol available, Sensing : True RMS.
  • EMS-18: VAF Meter with True RMS Sensing.
  • Program can be locked by removing short link connected across specified terminals.
  • Hold/Scroll Facility available .

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