Field Circuit Breaker & DC/AC Modular Contactors

Micronova represents MERSEN, France (formerly known as Lenoir Elec) and supplies their makes of field circuit breakers to power generating plants in India for the past 25 years. We also provide installation services, spare parts support and preventive maintenance.


  • Bar Mounted (Modular)
  • Contactors for field excitation (for use in power generation) - From 8A to 8500A
  • Bar mounted modular contactor for - DC current upto 6200A, 2000VDC and AC current upto 4000A
  • Contactors can have closing coils for AC/DC operation for 24V-220V
  • Latching facilities with one or two tripping coils
  • Auxiliary contact block D & M types can be provided
  • Contactors for dynamic braking for DC motors (RUBC type)
  • Auxiliary relays, Delay blocks options available

Product Specifications

Product Type


CBC - DC Poles and DC Control Circuit 80A - 8000A
CBFC - DC Poles and AC Control Circuit 80A - 200A
CBPA-AC Poles and DC Control Circuit 80A - 200A
CBA - AC Poles and AC Control Circuit 80A - 4000A
CEX - Field Circuit Breakers 80A-6200A
RUBC- Single Pole, Dynamic Breaking Contactor 400A-630A

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