Industrial Sensors

Micronova offers TE Connectivity's broadband technology portfolio and willingness to make custom MEAS Sensors makes TE connectivity the supplier of choice for industrial OEMs. From HVAC temperature sensors to refrigeration sensors, process control sensors to automation sensors, we understand the need for industrial sensors designed to meet OEM's unique specifications.

Some examples of the industrial equipment we supply sensors for include:

  • Transport and Case Refrigeration Systems
    • Temperature Sensors are used to measure the supply air to control compartments.
    • Pressure Sensors measure refrigerant pressure to improve system efficiency.
  • Wind Farm
    • Inclinometers are used to level windmill during construction and operation.
    • Vibration Sensors (Accelerometers) monitor the gearbox and provide early warning for maintenance.
  • Oil and Gas
    • Rugged, hermetically sealed Rotary Magnetic Encoders, which are coupled to the fuel flow meter of a gas pump, are used to convert rotational pulses into gallons or liters purchased.
    • LVDT Sensors are used to provide positive feedback regarding valve position for flow controls.
  • Process Control
    • Fluid Property Analyzers installed in refrigeration and cooling systems monitor lubricant refrigerant ratios and fluid condition.
    • o LVDT Sensors provide positive feedback of pneumatic cylinder position.
  • Traffic/Smart Highway
    • Our specially designed Traffic Sensors are used to monitor traffic patterns and collect data on highways.

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