Information Technology

Our processes are designed as per the ITIL framework, combining world-class bandwidth services with advanced technology and professional service capabilities. We deliver mission-critical bandwidth solutions for the world’s best-known enterprises from multiple locations to their customers in a secure and seamless manner.

The list of Services provided by Micronova includes:

  • Micronova’s Managed Internet Leased Lines
  • Internet Data Centre
  • Managed IT Services
  • Cyber Security

Micronova’s Managed Internet Leased Lines

If you are looking for an uninterrupted internet connection for your business, then for sure Micronova is the place to go.

Micronova’s Internet Leased Lines are aimed to not just meet the needs but surpass them by satisfying customer’s needs and meeting their requirements of high-speed internet for soothing out business processes and applications.

Sensible and Cost-effective technologies are being incorporated by the company to provide a complete high-quality internet solution. The upload speed is equal to that of download speed which is good news for file sharing, VoIP and other cloud applications. The (SLA) service level agreement provided by Micronova is backed by speed, availability, packet loss, and jitter.

Internet Data Centre

Micronova Data Centre was established as an enabler for the business community by providing a reliable, well networked and well-managed carrier-neutral Data Centre Infrastructure Services in Bangalore and its surrounding area.

The various other services offered by Micronova’s Data Centre include:

  • Web Hosting Services
  • Colocation Services - Shared and Dedicated Hosting
  • Mail Services
  • Cloud Services

Managed IT Services

Micronova’s Managed IT Services allow businesses to delegate their IT operations to organizations like Micronova, which specializes in handling these IT operation responsibilities. Micronova, known as Managed Service Provider (MSP), is responsible for addressing the entire business IT systems, as agreed upon in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). IT equipment is typically procured by the client, and depending on the SLA, Micronova would provide round-the-clock monitoring, issue resolution and reporting, and more.

System Integration

Micronova provides B2B System Integration Services encompassing Design, Deployment, and Implementation services for IT-OT network and software integration, as well as a custom development for IoT systems. This helps integrate IoT analytics to operational technology, in turn optimizing IoT implementation and management, and resolving complex challenges to provide desired business results.

Cyber Security

We are a Cyber Security consulting firm that uses the most advanced products and processes available to protect our clients.

IT security addresses every component of the Information System. Security threats are constantly evolving, while technical and regulatory compliance pressures are becoming increasingly stronger. Thanks to decades of experience, Micronova consulting team is the perfect partner to support its customers in protecting their Intellectual Property, ensuring data privacy, and encouraging business continuity.