Overload Relays and Manual Motor starter

Overload Relays

  • TOL and EOL relays
  • Fits to ABB block contactors
  • Standard protection for motors against overload and phase failure
  • Complete TOL range up to 310A, trip class 10
  • Complete EOL range up to 1250A, trip class 10, 20, 30 selectable
    • high accuracy due to electronic
    • wide temperature range
    • stable trip curve over life time
    • low energy consumption
    • Self supplied
  • Various international approvals

Manual Motor Starters

  • Manual Motor Starters (MMS) up 100 A
  • Combines motor control & protection
  • High performance manual motor starter – ICS up to 100 kA / 400 V
  • MS132, MS496, MS497
  • Standard manual motor starter – ICS up to 50 kA / 400V
  • MS116, MS450, MS451, MS495
  • Manual motor starter for special applications
  • MS325
  • Safe and easy to install
  • Coordination with other ABB products
  • All MMS can be equipped with a large range of accessories
  • Various international approvals

Fuse less protection with a manual motor starter saves costs, space and ensures a quick reaction under short-circuit conditions.

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