Power Control & Safety Products

Product range

  • Manual changeover switches from 63A to 3150 A
  • Enclosed changeover from 63A to 3150A
  • Switch fuse changeover from 125A to 630A
  • By-pass switch from 125A to 1600A
  • Motorized changeover switch 125A to 1600A
  • Remote operated Transfer switch from 40A to 160A
  • Automatic transfer switch from 125A to 3200A
  • Load break switches from 63A to 3150A
  • Single and three phase digital meters


ATyS S – Remote operated motorized changeover switches

ATyS S – Remote operated motorized changeover switch that enables on load switching between two power supply sources. From 40 to 125 A, specially developed small generators < 90kVA with an extensive range of voltage power supply AC and DC (12, 24/48 VDC).

ATyS P – Automatic Changeover switch

ATyS P – Automatic changeover switch with new measure and energy management functions, recording of events, communication, generator periodic startup programing and load shedding based on load level.

LBS – Load Break Switch

LBS ensures making and breaking on load and security breaking of low voltage electrical circuits. They are available in 4 pole manual operations.


MULTIS "m" Series is the versatile new range of single and three phase digital meters adapted for monitoring and managing electrical energy where the power quality and availability are the key issues. Its communication function enables the use of data collected via a PLC or monitoring system. It is very compact, user friendly and is a key tool in any energy efficiency project.

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