Programmable Annunciator

Product Features

  • Sleek, light weight, ABS enclosure
  • Super bright, Red color SMD, LED for fault indications
  • Test / Mute / Acknowledge / Reset (buttons in front and terminals at rear) are available
  • Multiple units terminals can be connected in parallel to achieve more windows
  • Each window can be programmed for fault inputs as NO or NC and output as alarm or trip
  • Above program can be locked by removing the short link across specified terminals
  • Over voltage protection
  • Basic Models: M2-2 / M2-4 / M2-6 / M2-8
  • Advanced Models: M2-12 / M2-16 / M2-24
  • Available in 12, 16 and 24 windows respectively
  • Available in wide auxiliary voltage range of 85-270V AC/DC
  • Advanced Models with additional features: M2-12R / M2-16R / M2-24R
  • RS485 output signals are available for displaying Fault and healthy status of each window
  • Repeat relay cards having 8 (C-NO) outputs can be supplied on order to connect the main unit to 1, 2 or 3relay cards (as required) in a daisy chain arrangement and achieve one output for each window
  • Internal Resettable fuse for protection of device against voltage fluctuations. Digital display will blink whenever voltage exceeds specified voltage range. Switch off the unit for sometime & then switch on when voltage returns to normal

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