Value Added Marketing

Micronova employs a customer-centric approach to delight customers by exceeding their expectations. The company focuses on providing implied services that are over and above the contracted services. Contracted services are those which are committed by us in the contract, whereas implied services are those that provide customers additional benefits such as engineering suggestions and cost reduction options by optimizing products according to customer requirements. Introducing new products to the customer is also one of the key advantageous attributes of Micronova. This has helped Micronova to build and sustain long-lasting relationships with its customers.

The company provides value-added marketing services to Panel Builders, OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and other EPC projects. This happens with the help of 8-10 dedicated sales personnel at the front who are backed by 8-10 back end sales staff. These sales engineers are professional and trained by the Principals in both Technical and Commercial aspects. This whole process is organized in such a way that it enables and maintains well-balanced sales literature like Product Data Sheets, Application Guides and Commercial offers.

Micronova has been instrumental in bringing some European manufacturers into India since the 1980s. Companies such as Bussmann (which was acquired by cooper is now acquired by EATON), Lapp Kabel, Widap and Trafomec are some of the principals of Micronova before they directly entered the Indian market. Our success with marketing their products in India was evident based on the high volume of business that was generated by Micronova. After realizing the potential of the domestic Indian market, these companies set up manufacturing facilities in various parts of India.

Our Principals:

  • ABB Electrification, Motion & Robotics products and ABB’s Power Grids products
  • ABB Thomas&Betts
  • Weidmuller
  • Socomec
  • Bosch (Building Technology Division)
  • M&I materials
  • Eaton Bussmann
  • Lenoir Elec
  • Nvent
  • Ritter
  • Actassi
  • ILME connector
  • XBK kabel
  • RR kabel
  • EAPL